Cittaslow Goolwa Friendship Seat launched by Alexandrina Council mayor Keith Parkes


The Cittaslow Goolwa Friendship Seat was launched by Alexandrina Council mayor Keith Parkes on Thursday, September 26.

Members of Cittaslow Goolwa including Vanessa Mulhall, Debbie Smith and Karen Ross, had seen mosaic friendship seats in other areas and realised Goolwa would be an ideal location for such a seat, given the sense of community and focus on art in the town.

Cittaslow principles, which focus on supporting the community and residents taking the time to enjoy what they have in Goolwa, seemed to fit perfectly with the idea.

The construction of the Friendship Seat at Cittaslow Corner was supported financially by Alexandrina Council and the Goolwa Lions.

In keeping with the local emphasis, local artists Barbary O'Brien and Mike Tye designed the seat and co-ordinated its construction.

This involved many local volunteers, Beaumont Tiles, who provided the tiles for the project, and Alexandrina Council workers, who contributed their time and expertise.

During construction, the Cittaslow Goolwa Friendship Seat generated opportunities for locals to contribute to a public work of art they can interact with and feel a sense of ownership of.

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