Cittaslow Goolwa (AU) Gopher Festival 2014


GOOLWA - An absence of thunderous noise and smells of high octane fuel were replaced with excitement at the 2014 Cittaslow Goolwa Gopher Festival on Saturday, March 8.

A total of 17 riders put their battery-powered machines to the test in a battle of the mopeds at the Alexandrina Council car park.

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The morning's gymkhana events were hotly contested, but Dean Wickham (#7) of Victor Harbor prevailed with a lap time of 20.3 seconds.

The flag race was won by Michael O'Donoghue (#9) with only 0.4 seconds over Dave Schubert (#6).

This event was about doing tasks while riding a gopher, and required accuracy of manoeuvring and placing things with care.

A celebrity flag race was run between ABC radio presenter Peter Goers member for Hammond Adrian Pederick. Peter took the top honour.

The speed laps followed. Dave Schubert quickly showed what he and his big Path Rider could do by storming home in one minute 35.2 seconds in race three, but Don Hay took the day in a run-off with one minute 8.1 seconds.

The relay race followed with four teams in two races. The best time went to the team of Dean Wickham, Sandra Wenman and Dave Schubert in three minutes 20 seconds.

The event called for judgement in moving among other gophers, plus handling fragile groceries, as contestants juggled shopping bags of eggs and tomatoes.

The final event was the Formula One Grand Prix. Seven machines of varying appearance lined up on the grid for the five-lap race.

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