Gökçeada Island Cittaslow (TR) on the The Telegraph


Turkey's unsung islands: Which one is perfect for you?

Turkey's largest island (108 square miles) is known to the Greeks as Imbros and mentioned several times in Homer's Iliad. Its rolling, volcanic mountains are fragrant with thyme, dotted with attractive oak forest and there are numerous unspoilt sandy beaches lapped by pristine waters. Few Greeks remain, but their picturesque stone houses and churches survive. Flamingos and other migratory birds pass through in season, the stiff Aegean breezes mean kite and windsurfing are popular activities, and Turkey's only underwater national park off the north coast is excellent for diving.

The island has also signed up to Cittaslow, an organisation inspired by the slow food movement, and is known for its superb organic produce, notably honey,jam and olive oil.

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