Gian Luca Marconi was re-elected as President of Cittaslow International

The election of the Castelnovo ne' Monti's mayor (Reggio Emilia), took place  by acclamation in front of over 300 delegates. The plenary assembly of 147 Cittaslow coming from 24 countries elected also the association board where since today sit 16 members and 9 Vice-presidents as representation of 14 Cittaslow National Network. 

Cittaslow Intenational Assembly in Poland was opened last Friday by President of Warmia Masurian Region, Jacek Protas, in front of over 300 delegates from throughout the world and also other delegations of many Polish cities/towns interested in Cittaslow Network as well as in the Minister of Tourism from Ukraine. It was also present at meeting the delegate of Slow Food International, Michele Rumiz, who introduced during the Assembly some proposals of collaboration on behalf of Carlo Petrini and stressed the commitment for the campaign "1000 Gardens in Africa".

"I am really happy with the way done - were the first words of President Marconi to the microphones of Polish National Radio - during 3 years we worked all together, Mayors of small cities, scientists in many universities, businesses, food communities and Slow food, for sighting a better future for our communities. It's reason of pride to see the first results displayed through the 1st Global Report about Cittaslow introduced during the Assembly by the General Director of Censis, Giuseppe Roma, that comfort us in the direction undertaken in pursuit of the defense of identity, environmental sustainability and shared social responsibility in our communities.The way has already started by now, thanks to the joint efforts of many that I thank you; we expect further 3 years of work during which by the most advanced world of scientific research and social one and Pollenzo University we will relate with the difficult theme of "slow" economical models in developing countries, Latin America, Africa and in the mediterranean, where as we learnt from our beloved and unforgettable Angelo Vassallo's example, who was fisher Mayor of Pollica and Vice- President of Cittaslow, are now increasingly at the mercy of speculation and legalized theft of resources as well as social biodiversity and environmental one. The appointment is the general meeting for mid-June 2012 when the Assembly of Cittaslow International will take place after 5 years in Italy, in Reggio Emilia, Novellara, Scandiano and Castelnovo ne' Monti"

The first day of the Assembly was dedicated to the deepening of scientific and theoretical principles that rule the International Association of cities of good living, born in 1999 in Greve in Chianti through the joining of four Italian cities and Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food. Today it is more important than ever, stressed the professors of the Scientific Committee of the Network, update the objectives and programmatic ideals of small towns that are dealing with epochal problems of new poverty and social inequality, the attack to environment and common goods, the erosion of traditional knowledges, that as Slow Food teaches also along with Terra Madre project, concern farmers of the land, but also fishermen, cooks, artisans, sacrificed to the false myth of fast globalization that leads after the flash in the pan of a ephemeral wealth, only impoverishment, injustice, environmental and social crisis, war. If the GDP is no longer a useful quantitative parameter to measure the rate of development of a country, all Cittaslow in the world, from Australia to Belgium, from Italy to South Korea, from Germany to China, pointing to a more qualitative world, slow, to a reflexive modernity, which is central of the humanism of the twenty-first century against forms of a new barbarization. The sense of shared responsibility, along with the defense of the identity of places and the defense of nature as such, are the cornerstones for a slow future of quality for all. What is new is that today many large cities, from Nanking in China in Busan (5.5 million inhabitants, South Korea), to Brussels, where the city council has recently requested the membership as a Cittaslow Supporter, realized that Slow is better, and that being slow is a lifestyle choice that affects the behavior of consumption and production of each, without exception.

The second day saw the presentation of the Report by Censis based on a specific questionnaire administered to all member cities, an analysis of new criteria for quality certification, which was followed by an extensive internal debate, to end with the ratification of new Cittaslow:

- Vizela (Portugal)
- Yea (Australia) 
- Vaals (Netherlands)
- Pacheon-Myeon (Cheong - Song County, Korea) and Hamchang-eup,Gonggeom-Myeon, Ian Myoun (Sangju city, Korea).

 The elective Assembly was chaired by the Mayor of Murowana Goslina (Cittaslow Poland), Tomasz Leckie. The opening welcome was by Artur Wajs, Mayor of Lidzbarsk Warminski.In addition at meeting were present all the other eight Mayors of Korean Cittaslow accompanied with a large delegation.

During the Cittaslow International Assembly were elected the members of the International Coordinating Committee:


Gian Luca Marconi - Cittaslow of Castelnovo ne' Monti /Italy

Vice-presidents :

Roberto Albetti - Cittaslow of Abbiategrasso /Italy

Richard Leibinger - Cittaslow of Waldkirch/Germany

Luciano Messa - Cittaslow of Bra /Italy

Andrea Mearns - Cittaslow of Mold/UK

Stefano Pisani - Cittaslow of Pollica/Italy

Chiara Rossi - Cittaslow of San Miniato/Italy

Arnoud Rodenburg - Cittaslow Midden-Delfland/Netherlands

bon sohn - Cittaslow Corea Network/ South Korea

Curt Sorensen - Cittaslow Svendborg/Denmark

Members :

Donato Baccaro-Cisternino/Italy

Sergio Batino-Castiglione del Lago/Italy

Alberto Bencistà-Greve in Chianti/Italy

Joan Català-Begur/Spain

Antonio Concina-Orvieto/Italy

Giorgio D'Ambrosio-Pianella/Italy

Michele De Lucia-Positano/Italy

António Paulo Jacinto Eusébio - São Brás de Alportel/Portugal

Stefan Karlinger-Enns/Austria

Virginia Hubbell-Sonoma/United States of America

Emilio Iob-San Daniele del Friuli/Italy

Christian Leclerq-Silly/Belgium

Maurizio Moggia-Levanto/Italy

Paul Payten-Katoomba Blue Mountains/Australia

Tunç Soyer-Seferihisar/Turkey

Artur Wajs-Lidzbark Warminski/Poland