“We Read in the Slow City” Activity by Primary School Students


The students at the Süleyman Demirel Primary School organized the activity named “We read in the Slow City” to raise awareness on the importance of reading. The students at Süleyman Demirel Primary School enjoyed their time reading books and visiting Eğirdir’s historical and touristic places in the scope of the project “Reading is Living”. 

Reading is Living” project included in the E-Twinning in Turkey’s 81 cities with the partnership of France and some European countries. Süleyman Demirel Primary School of Eğirdir represents the city of Isparta for this project.  

We Read in the Slow City” reading activity was made today at 13:30 in front of the Atatürk statue, in the busiest area of the district with the following participants: District Governor Abdullah Akdaş, Mayor Ömer Şengöl, District Head of National Education İdris Sezgin, officers, lecturers and students. 

The project covering 6-11-year-old children will continue until May 28th 2018.

21 students carried banners displaying messages on the advantages of reading like: “Books are Grown on Love”, “Reading Feeds the Soul”, “The Children Without Books are like the Trees Without Water” “Reading is Discovering Worlds Beyond Imagination” “Reading is the Exercise of the Brain” “Books are Loyal Friends Forever” “A House Without Books is A Body Without Soul” “Books are the Medicine of the Mind”. 

The Project Coordinator Önder Özdemir provided detailed information on the “We Read in the Slow City” project: “We know the global importance placed in reading. We became partners of the project to raise awareness on reading of children and all the society, as well as to announce our message to the world. “Reading is Living” started with the partnership of France and Turkey. The initiator school in Turkey is Rize Çayeli İshakoğlu Primary School. In Turkey every 81 city is represented by a school. Isparta is represented by 2nd class students of Eğirdir Süleyman Demirel Primary School. The project includes children of 6-11-year-old and supported by Eğirdir Municipality. There are 10 participant countries all around the world, the project period is 2,5 months and will end on Monday 28 May 2018. We will present the data we collected during the project cycle.”