Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of EU-Financed Projects

Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of EU-Financed Projects: Why and How?

Barcelona, 30 September - 2 October 2013 • Find out more

For all investment projects eligible under EU Funds in the programming period 2007-2013, one of the most important requirements is the preparation of the Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).  Also in the next programming period 2014 – 2020 it remains to be an important tool.

The goal of this intensive and practical seminar is to explain why CBA is such an important tool, not only for beneficiaries of EU funds (key element of feasibility studies), but also for national and regional administrations as the managing authorities of EU co-financed programmes. How to prepare and how to assess CBA is the second, practical element of the seminar. The seminar will cover practical aspects of CBA in the current programming period and the future perspective 2014 – 2020.

Another important practical element of the seminar is also to discuss how CBAs are audited by the European Court of Auditors, including case studies.


Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of EU-Financed Projects - Advanced course

Barcelona, 3-4 October 2013 • Find out more

The goal of this intensive seminar is to explain in a very practical, detailed and comprehensive way how to perform financial, economic and risk analysis of projects eligible under EU Funds in different sectors, with special focus on typical benefits and the most used techniques to evaluate them. There will be practical workshops allowing participants to practice in small groups the several issues.