Come what May

If you've been into the farm store lately, you may have noticed that our farm store seems to be low or lacking some of the fruits, greens, and veggies currently available elsewhere or even those that were available at the farm store this time last year. Unfortunately, our shelves still reveal that we ran out of water last September. I'm happy to say that we are well on our way "back to normal" and I also wish to suggest that it is entirely possible to subsist (for the meantime) off of those plants that are currently producing at the farm, as the two dozen or so employees, interns, supervisors, and farmers that collectively make Green String Farm happen, can and do eat practically exclusively what we grow on the farm. That being said, there are times of plentitude and times of repose--now is a time when we are feeling the effects of last year's drought and you, the consumer, are seeing them. As painful as this relationship, this reality, is, in some ways it is very much so in the Green String way. We are, as a sustainable farm whose main priority is the health and betterment of its plants, animals, and soil, demonstrating what it looks like to prioritize soil over profit, plant health and longeivity over fully stocked shelves. So we ask you to come into the farm store with that in mind--with a mindset of working with what you (or we) have. We have and will continue to feed you healthy, nutritious food and we assure that summer will be bountiful. In the meantime, hang in there with us and help bring positivity and an attitude of abundance into our farm store. Thank you! Currently in the farm store: Lettuce heads galore, radishes (French Breakfast and Easter Egg), arugula, artichokes, fava beans, rhubarb, edible flowers (Calendula, Chyrsanthemum, Corn Flowers, Crimson Clover, and Sage Blossoms), nettles, and mint, chives, and other herbs! We have rEvolution bread delivered Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays! We have meat, cheese, nuts, flour, oil, preserves, vinegar,and other dry goods daily! Already in the ground for the summer!: beets,(more) kale, collards, broccoli, lettuce, chicory, carrots, turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, summer squash, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos and many types of flowers! The deadline for our summer intern program has passed! For inquiries about our internship program and for information about the upcoming Fall 2016 intern program, please visit the internship page of our website: http://greenstringfarm.com/green-string-institute. Farm tours: Public farm tours are held on the first Saturday of the month at high noon (12pm) and meet at the farm store. If you would like to book a private tour, please contact Green String's farm store manager Lora Kincaid at lkincaid@greenstringfarm.com or call the farm store at 707-778-7500 Photographs below: an edible flower bouquet of crimson clover, bachelor buttons, and sage blossoms; artichokes, and stinging nettles