1st International Day of good slow living


Cittaslow Sunday in memory of Angelo Vassallo, a proposal of Italian Cittaslow Network. Read more..

Cittaslow International organizes an international event to promote universal of the "concepts" as well as "projects" which represent the reality and the idea of being Cittaslow. President, Gian Luca Marconi establishes the first world Cittaslow Day to talk and let people know about us. During this day, to be repeated every year, all Cittaslows can propose and organize one or more own local initiative in order to promote and disseminate the concepts for a collective action.

We have to respect and love the Earth, our "Mother Earth", as Carlo Petrini asserts, and this is possible if everyone realizes the Cittaslow projects, day by day, allof us, mayor of Cittaslow towns, citizens and guest travellers, entrepreneurs and policy makers – by carrying one’s contribution to make a "cleaner, better, fairer" world.

The issues are the same as Cittaslow: environmental policies(energy, transport – bicycle and pedibus – , climate change, use and defence of the soil, valorisation of the landscape, biodiversity, etc.); social politics (inclusion, social responsibility, education, identity, etc.), the agriculture and the local production (Co-production, Terra Madre, Presidi Slow Food, Mercati della Terra, Comunità del Cibo, ecc. ), sustainable tourism, citizens’ awareness to be a positive counter-culture, even more necessary nowadays, when the system crisis interweave the 3 Fs (fuel-food-finance) with another crisis(relations, value and perspectives of well being), damaging the life of the future generations.

"Slow future" is our perspective for the mayors, the citizens and the partners of the 130 associated Cittaslow, scattered in 20 different countries.

"Slow Future" is the proposal for a "positive contamination" regarding the little Cittaslow, the big metropolis and the entire society, with positive effects on the overall ecologic imprint of the world human activities.

Sunday, 26 Sptember 2010