Cittaslow International Project Prize 2016 - All the winners

Prudnik – Weavers city, story of written thread
Environment Award - Turbigo (Italy)
Infrastructure Award - Abbiategrasso (Italy)
Urban Life Quality Award - Echt-Susteren (The Netherlands)
Active Community Award - Sangju (South Korea)
Social Cohesion Award - Falköping (Sweden)

Chiocciola ORANGE 2016 - Prudnik (Poland)

For the project "Prudnik – Weavers city, story of written thread"
for the following reasons: "The project was aimed to renew the century-old tradition of textile craft in the territory involving the whole community, becoming an example for all. It allowed for showing the common cultural heritage, and to exalt the traditional roots of handicraft. It was also aimed to transfer to children and young people the techniques used in the creation of local artistic fabric."

Environment Award - Turbigo (Italy)

for the project “Sustainability for the future. School open to the citizens”
for “Actions, lab and workshops to make students promoters of eco-sustainable behaviours  to families and local communities.”

Infrastructure Award - Abbiategrasso (Italy)

for the project "Bici Park/Bike Park"
for "A very innovative hub in the centre of the town to improve bike use and slow mobility system."

Urban Life Quality Award - Echt-Susteren (The Netherlands)


for the projects “Neighbourhood Watch”, ”Living Room”, ”Cittaslow Gifts”
for “Realizing different initiatives for security, day care for ageing population in the town and promotion of Cittaslow network.” 

Local Economy Award - Enns (Austria)

for the project “Effective cooperation between the farmers”
for “How to improve cooperation between the farmers with active promotion and selling of local wine and food  in the region.” 

Active Community Award - Sangju (South Korea)


for the project “Cittaslow Sangju Residents Workshop”
for the following reasons: “The interest of the project is the link to durability because it was realized in three years, and direct practical experience of slow management. 

The project goal was to deepen citizens’ understanding of the Cittaslow movement, and to improve the awareness of the whole community in the region.” 

Social Cohesion Award - Falköping (Sweden)

for the project "Language buddy"
for "creating opportunities for foreigners and refugees teaching the Swedish language."

Special Award "Cittaslow Best Idea" - Działdowo (Poland)

for the project "Interactive Museum of the Teutonic Order"
for "the innovative mix between technologies and story-telling of the cultural heritage and the local history."