It's Cittaslow time!

Cittaslow International

15 years ago when we began to dream of doing something to better the planet, our unique and inimitable Mother Earth, we were immersed in the so called “e economy” and the world wide speculative financial boom that should have opened the door to a new century of easily attained prosperity and consumer growth for everyone.

The first ten years of the XXI century have spectacularly brought everyone back to earth. We don’t intend to pine for the past, we welcome the new technologies that better environmental preservation, improve the dignity of the workplace and increase efficiency of social resources and services.

But the communities of Cittaslow spread around the world are active, real testimonials that encompass the ideal of a sense of limit, which looks to, yes, positive globalization, but at the same time, also looks towards inward centred development, that does not mean turning back at all, but to the contrary, it means following economic paths that are long lasting and not ephemeral, supporting social justice, a more harmonious balance between production and consumption, a sharing of responsibilities and solidarity, without rhetoric and false idealisms, but with concrete ideas and pragmatism. The Mayors and citizens of the Cittaslow all around the world are teaching us all this.
Slow Down! Join Us!

The Mayors and citizens of Cittaslow