Cittaslow Web: Capable of future (online too). Today more than ever slow is smart.

Cittaslow International

From now on, to know each other, will be a pleasure, a real pleasure for web-surfers, Cittaslow citizens, visitors, lovers of a "slow life"...
At least this is our intention. Yes, because Cittaslow fully renews its on-line communication project. It is not a simple news, but a challenge which lies behind the work of many, and more to come, by many others, in the Cittaslow and out, to bring to life the tools we have adopted and that we present to the Assembly in Vizela on June 25, 2016.

As always in these cases the effort was really great: from the first moment, when the launch of a new approach to the web for our association was decided at the Assembly of Abbiategrasso in June 2015, it was quite clear that this did not mean to make a restyle of our website, but to hit a much more ambitious and big goal. To take this opportunity, that is the new Cittaslow International web, to revolutionize and make our way to communicate not only current but an anticipator of the future.

After six years it was time to modernize and renew not only the content and the style of our our communication, but above all the whole communication project, inside and outside. After months of research of our technical partners, we chose Argonet for the construction of the new web platform of Cittaslow International and Cubik TV, a social web TV globally diffused in several channels. The two instruments are harmonized, so the videos will be available directly from Cubik TV platform in our new portal. 

The new features concern the very concept of communicating Cittaslow: for example all the info on the city, news and events will always be geolocated, the communication style and the design will be more immediate and modern, with greater visual impact, placing a major focus on images to convey the emotions that come from the thousand projects applied by the virtuous Cittaslow of the network. However, the platform will live thanks to the participation of all, stimulating sharing and transmission of content, including social media. The partnership with Cubik TV unfolds boundless web horizons that we can and have to reach. It has also been included a space dedicated to services for the member cities, from newsletter to shop on line of integrated products and services.

Today more than ever slow is smart.