Cittaslow Best Practices Contest - I edition

Cittaslow International

15 Years Cittaslow
In 1999 Paolo Saturnini launched the idea to start the movement of Cittaslow. In 2014, our association exist for 15 years. We commemorate this during the International Assembly in the Netherlands. One of the founding fathers of cittaslow, Carlo Petrini, president of Slow Food and the Terra Madre project, believes in the possibility using the world wide web (www) for the benefit of small communities by sharing experiences, culture, best practices and projects. This is the starting point of Cittaslow, our international association of cities, which strive to improve the quality of life.

Philosophy Cittaslow
The goal of Cittaslow is to maintain the identity and the spirit of the communities facing today’s problems, making the best out of the positive aspects of globalization without losing their own identity.

Global crisis were Cittaslow wants to contribute the solutions are the energy crisis, the carbon crisis and social exclusion. Tackling these crises, based on the philosophy of Cittaslow, also contributes to a sustainable solution of the economic crisis. 

“Slow” is new
It is our responsibility towards the natural world and the future generations to develop sustainable solutions. Rediscovering “Slowness” means choosing a future of quality of life, for ourselves and, in the spirit of solidarity, for others. Each Cittaslow has successful projects based on the philosophy of Cittaslow. Our organization will take a major step forwards when we exchange these ideas and examples and share them with the rest of the world.

Best practices Contest
Based on our philosophy and principles it is our idea to organize a contest in the jubilee year. What includes this contest? Below, you find an explanation of the starting points of this contest. 

Good examples
Each Cittaslow submits to a maximum of three good examples. For the submission of the good examples is a form available.

The good examples are classified into six categories. These are the six categories of our certification criteria:

  1. Energy and environmental policies (politiche energetiche e ambientali);
  2. Infrastructure policies (politiche infrastrutturali);
  3. Quality of urban life policies (politiche per la qualita’ urbana);
  4. Agricultural, touristic and artisan policies (politiche agricole, turistiche, artigianali);
  5. Policies for hospitality, awareness and training (politiche per l’ospitalita, la consapevolezza e la formazione);
  6. Social cohesion (coesione sociale).

Publish good examples
We will publish all submissions on our website. We request everyone to submit good examples. Fifteen years Cittaslow should yield at least 150 good examples. We expect from everyone a huge commitment, so that we might be able to publish a lot of good examples.

Scientific committee
Our organization is supported by the Scientific committee. For all of us mayors, it is important to have a scientific foundation for our policies. The Scientific Committee has prepared the new certification criteria. These criteria, which you can use for your own periodic audit, were fixed at the Assembly 2012 at Novellara.

We ask the Scientific Committee to review all the good examples. The five best practices will be presented by the mayor during the Assembly 2014 in the Netherlands. That is during the first day of the Assembly on Thursday, June 19 at Vaals. The best idea will receive a trophy and eternal fame.

To participate in the contest we kindly ask you to forward the provided form attached before April 30, 2014. Submissions received later shall not be eligible for the trophy. Of course, this good example shall still be published on our website.

Annual contest
Learning from each other is important in our organization. In the future, we find it useful to organize a little contest during the annual Assembly. In this way we can keep learning from each other and show the world the importance of Cittaslow.

Summary best practices contest /actions required

  1. Each Cittaslow sends before April 30, 2014 maximal three good examples;
  2. All good examples are published on our website;
  3. The five best examples are mentioned on the Assembly and qualify for the trophy.