Cittaslow International Assembly 2011

All cittaslow members that intend to partecipate in the Cittaslow Assembly are asked to fill in the form provided below, along with details required, such as:

number of participants, delegation or representatives included,
names of each participant, 
number of days of stay,
type of room to be booked (single,double or twin beds)

Registration Form 
Assembly 2011 (click here)

On Sunday 26th will be organized an optional study visit to "Great Masurian lake"for Assembly guests at a cost amounting to 180 euros a person.

For your attendance, payment and additional details:

Registration Form 
"Great Masurian Lakes"(click here)


For further support:

Cittaslow National Network Poland
Phone: +48  89 52 19 853
Fax: +48 89 52 19 859

Cittaslow International Secretariat HQ
Phone: +39 763 341818
Fax:  +39 763 394455