Cittaslow best practices awards "Chiocciola orange 2016"

three years after the launch in Midden-Delfland (NL) from an idea by Cittaslow Netherlands Network of the first Cittaslow Best Practices Contest "Chiocciola Orange", given the success and satisfaction levied, with the support of the Scientific Committee of Cittaslow Int'l we are committed to organize annually the initiative.

This year the competition aims at bringing out the best practices, the most useful and extraordinary projects and more akin to the philosophy and principles of our Association.
made in the Cittaslow Network.

The Prize of the III edition of the Cittaslow Best Practices Contest "Chiocciola Orange" will be awarded SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2016 during the General Assembly in Vizela (Portugal).

To participate in the Contest you kindly have to fill in the FORM attached for each PROJECT you intend to bring in competition (max. n° 3) and send it BY 15 MAY 2016, to: info@cittaslow.net.


Good examples

Each Cittaslow submits, via the provided form here attached and ALSO AVAILABLE on www.cittaslow.org , a maximum of three good examples.
The good examples are classified into six categories. These are the six categories of our certification criteria:

1. Energy and environmental policies (politiche energetiche e ambientali);

2. Infrastructure policies (politiche infrastrutturali);

3. Quality of urban life policies (politiche per la qualita' urbana);

4. Agricultural, touristic and artisan policies (politiche agricole, turistiche, artigianali);

5. Policies for hospitality, awareness and training (politiche per l'ospitalita, la consapevolezza e la formazione);

6. Social cohesion (coesione sociale).

Publish good examples

The Contest provides for publishing all good examples on our website www.cittaslow.org.

Scientific committee

Our organization is supported by the Scientific committee.
The Scientific Committee will be the body entrusted with reviewing all good examples.
The five best practices will be presented during the Assembly 2016 in Vizela (Portugal)


To participate in the contest we kindly ask you to forward the provided form attached by 15 May 2016. Submissions received later shall not be eligible for the trophy.
Of course, this good example shall still be published on our website.

Summary Best Practices contest /actions required

1. Each Cittaslow sends by 15 May 2016 maximum three good examples

2. All good examples are published on our website www.cittaslow.org

3. The five best examples are mentioned on the Assembly and qualify for the prize <>.