Cittaslow Awards 2015

On 5 June, 2015 the Panel for the Cittaslow Project Prize, chaired byGiuseppe Roma, coordinator of the International Scientific Committee and composed of Stefano Pisani and Pier Giorgio OlivetiCittaslow President and Director General, met to appraise the projects submitted by Cittaslow cities.

The committee firstly noted the great success of the initiative, in which 19 Cittaslow cities of 10 countries took part, submitting 29 projects for the panel’s perusal

The first job of the Panel was to choose prize evaluation criteria, which were agreed as being:

Improvement of Cittaslow philosophy;

Impact on social innovation;

Relevance in terms of solution for global problems. 

The panel then chose prize categories, reaching the conclusion that each year a prize should be awarded for the best project presented, to be called “Chiocciola Orange”, and that prizes should be given for the following categories: 

Environment Award

Infrastructure Award

Urban Life Quality Award

Local Economy Award

Active Community Award

Social Cohesion Award 

It was also decided to award a Special Prize for the “Best Idea”.

After having carefully examined project documentation, the Panel unanimously agreed to award prizes to the following projects:

“Chiocciola Orange” awarded to Cittaslow YANYANG (China)for the projects “ Slow ride and slow walk” and “Grey Haired Orchestra” for “a multilevel system of initiatives aimed to increase attractivity and social cohesion of the city for young generation and ageing population, putting in value environment in a slow way and using music as community instrument” ;

Urban Life Quality to Cittaslow TREVI (Italy) for the project “Soft Network for daily life”, for “promoting a complete range of initiatives on crucial community problems like land use, knowledge of territory, relationship between parents and children” ”

Local Economy Award to Cittaslow FONGLIN (Taiwan) for the project “Preserve traditional recipes and share local cusines to spread the philosophy of Cittaslow and Slowfood” for “having raised awareness of traditional food, benefiting, in this way, local producers”

Active Community Award to Cittaslow CHEONGSONG (South Korea) for the project “Cittaslow Citizen Supporter School”, for “deepening citizens’ understanding of slow philosophy and attract voluntary participation in community initiatives”

Social Cohesion Award to Cittaslow VAALS (The Netherlands) for the project “Internal Services Bureau”, for “having created an innovative system to support people who temporarily receive unemployment benefit by offering intensive coaching”.

Finally, the panel gave the Special Award for the Best Idea to the Cittaslow of VIGARANO MAINARDA (Italy) for the project “Socialising people looking for international protection”, for “welcoming with open arms political refuges and involving them in voluntary activities”.