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It grows in the East, and especially in China, interest in our organization and especially the idea of ​​development that it now carries more than ten years. Just today, two out of two newspaper articles online: 

Here are some steps: 
"After thirty years of breathtaking, non-stop fast track development that has catapulted China to number two in the world's economic league table, it is now some drowsy hamlets, once obscured by the aura of record-breaking development tales, that are being hailed as tranquil sanctuaries for people seeking a less frenetic existence.

When Wu Weiguo touts the benefits of slowing down, he seems an alien to the mighty club of wooers of "a hen's rump" . This Chinese transliteration of GDP has been coined by netizens to ridicule officials who take the English abbreviation for the term gross domestic product as their pet phrase.

Though Gaochun County that Wu governs boasts one of the richest villages in Jiangsu Province, a vital economic hub in east China, the Communist Party secretary is now more interested in adopting the brand 'Slow City' for the county.

Nestled in the booming Yangtze River Delta with the provincial capital Nanjing and the metropolis of Shanghai as its neighbors, the tranquil and sparsely populated Yaxi Township under Gaochun remained almost unknown until last year when it was awarded the title of China's first 'Slow City' by Cittaslow International, an organization that advocates sustainable ways of life."

by Xinhua Writers Wang Jiaquan, Sun Bin and Liu Weiwei

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