Cheongsong (COR): Cheongsong Forum 2017 to Cope With Climate Change

Cheongsong County

Cittaslow Cheongsong, Corea plans to hold “Cheongsong Forum 2017” at the Daemyeong Resort in and around the county of Cheongsong from November 6 to 8 for three days under the theme of “Coexistence of Human and Nature.” 

The forum aims to seek ways to improve its image and brand value using the Cheongsong UNESCO Global Geopark and the membership of the Cittaslow International and to create employment and income through the development of the MICE industry. 

Participants are expected to discuss some issues of local agriculture and ways to solve problems while climate change threatens human survival and has an effect on our way of life.

Around 500 participants from five countries are expected to attend the forum hosted by the county and organized by the Cheongsong Culture & Tourism Foundation

There will be a variety of events including performances and a dinner party on the eve of the forum, November 5. On November 6 the forum starts with an opening ceremony and has five sessions dealing with topics like a geo-park, climate change, Slowcity, geotourism, and so on for two days until November 7. There is a guided post tour consisted of a music concert in an old house, a Makgeolli (traditional Korean alcoholic beverage) party on November 8, and it can be a chance to appreciate the geological features, culture, and history of Cheongsong.