Can trees survive in the dessert under extreme conditions?

Yes they can! In fact, trees are surviving and thriving in the southern part of the Kuwait desert right now. Ghaf trees were planted with the Groasis Waterboxx, in the extreme summer of May 2012.The trail was very successful with a 100% survival rate!

The Groasis Technology is a planting technology, no irrigation. But we are mentioning irrigation for a reason. With the Groasis technology the results are permanent and we can prove it!

The left image shows the situation in the Abu Dhabi desert tree experiment. This project is being done with drip irrigation and the water was turned off for a few weeks. Probably accidentally.
Meanwhile in the Kuwait desert the trees are doing very well after eight months without water, as you can see in the image on the right. For more information about this project visit our website.

The picture on the left was taken by a local photographer fromhttp://www.greenprophet.com/ in the deserts of the Western Region of the UAE. Look at the difference between planting with drip irrigation and planting with the Groasis Waterboxx! For all the pictures of this project go to our Photo album.

Promising results in Life+ reforestation project in 7 extreme places in Spain.
The Life+ “The Green Desert” project is taking place under the supervision of the University of Valladolid. This project takes 5 years of investigation with 32,000 Groasis Waterboxxes. We cooperate with six Spanish partners and one Belgium partner.
Watch the video here. 

We planted on 7 extreme places in Spain. It is extreme hot, extreme cold, extreme dry, extreme rocky, extreme winds and extreme slopes. To summarize, it is extreme but the result are above expectations! Watch the video here or visit our website.

The Groasis Greenboxx - join participant test program!
The Groasis Greenboxx is an easy, simple and inexpensive planting solution for extreme circumstances. Groasis uses crowd sourcing to test the Greenboxx. We invite 600 users, from all over the world, to plant with the Greenboxx. This way we can show that the Greenboxx works well and are able to improve it with the suggestions of our participants.
If you want to be part of this inspiring initiative, then fill out the application page here.

What do you need to survive for 3 days, an iPhone or clean drinking water?

During the last months we had an “Earth day” and a “Water day”. On June 17 we have the “World day to combat desertification”, organized by the UNCCD.
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