Call for artists for MITC, International Totem of Colors - Socorro Cittaslow (Brazil)

The first edition of «MITC, International Totem of Colors» exhibition, takes place between the 1st and the 30th of September 2023 at the Municipal Museum Dr. João Baptista Gomes Ferraz from the city of Socorro, State of São Paulo, Brazil. It will consist of works by artists selected by public notice and by guest artists.

The «MITC, International Totem of Colors», exhibition, pays tribute to the city of Socorro, which is the first city in Brazil to receive the «Cittaslow,» seal from the Italian association of the same name. It was chosen, among other attributes, for the beauty of its flora and fauna, which develop in an arm of the Serra da Mantiqueira, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Brazil. To preserve it the city of Socorro has a plastic recycling project in the decoration of the Christmas Lights; the Copaíba Project, which works to restore riparian forests, and Piracema, which looks after the health of the river crossing the city,  Rio do Peixe. The richness of its culture was also an important factor in this attribution, the city has a Music Conservatory that serves more than 500 students, Municipal Library, Cultural Centers, Museum, street cinema, all with extensive programming; in addition to having a powerful intangible cultural heritage with a democratic street carnival, tradicionais festas juninas (Tradicional June parties), congadas(1), catira(2), grupos de moda de viola (country music groups), benzedeiras (healers), etc.

You can find out a little more about the city of Socorro at this link: https://totemcultural.org.br/expo/mitc/  MITC,  International Totem of Colors, exhibition,  will be part of the program of the 2023 edition of EMACS – Music & Arts Meeting of the Music Conservatory of Socorro, and is organized by Totem Produções, ITC, Instituto Totem Cultural, – ICA, Instituto Cultura & Arte; Municipal Museum, COMUPC; Municipal Council of Cultural Policies; Municipal Secretary of Tourism; Municipal Secretary of Culture and City Hall of Socorro, SP.

Socorro Cittaslow would like to invite the visual artists from the Cittaslow cities around the world to attend the MITC, the international Totem of colors Exhibition at the Municipal Museum Dr. João Baptista Gomes Ferraz from the city of Socorro, State of São Paulo, Brazil.

They are invited to participate with a painting that pays tribute to the fauna, flora, and traditional culture of the city of Socorro, which made it the first « Cittaslow, city of well live» from Brazil.

The paintings do not need to be sent to Brazil, the artists will participate digitally in the Exhibition, and being both broadcast on screen during the exhibition and included in the virtual exhibition. 

Therefore we ask artists to send a high quality digital photo of their painting with the following technical specifications: minimum resolution of 300 dpi, and no less than 2125 x 2952 pixels. The photo should preferably be taken in daylight. 

Applications can be made until 23:59:59h (Brasilia time) on June 27th, 2023. Here is the link for application form: