2nd edition of the Concert of Folk Bands from Cittaslow


September 16 (Sunday) in Biskupiec (PL) was colorful, musical and very folk day. It's all thanks to unique people and their musical passion. 14 bands from Cittaslow cities came to Biskupiec to sing, dance and share their folk culture among others. At 11 a.m. a colorful procession set off from the city center to the Cultural Center. The rest of the event took place there on the outdoor stage in the park. That day, all musicians integrated, supported each other and, above all, sang together. In 2022, the first edition of the concert took place in Rzgów (PL). 

Bands from following Cittaslow towns presented their performances: Braniewo, Ryn, Barczewo, Rzgów, Dobre Miasto, Górowa Iławieckie, Lidzbark, Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, Orneta, Biskupiec (Warmińska Kuźnia, Kapela z Przytupem, Grupa Ryszarda i Węgojska Strużka).