Bee Aware Belluno


The Bee Aware Belluno project is a program of the Municipality of Belluno Cittaslow, the Municipality of Limana and Apidolomiti consisting of two teaching stations each equipped with a hive located in a singular flight chamber specially designed and equipped with continuous detection sensors of the main parameters vital parts of the hive. This real-time detection system of biometric data is built in house and based on the Arduino hardware platform which allows, via an internet connection, the transmission of data in a dedicated web portal and on two totem stations located in each of the two municipalities involved. .

The initiative is aimed at continuously raising the awareness of the community towards the Hive as a "superorganism". The structures produced will remain in the area where they will also constitute an important educational and social opportunity, thanks also to the continuous collaboration of beekeeping and environmental experts.

The partnership also boasts the opportunity to enhance the project as part of the "Paese del Miele" event which, since the 10th edition of last October 2019, has made it possible to promote the start of the project and raise awareness of the local population role of bees in the conservation of nature and our wonderful alpine valleys.

BeeAware is realized thanks to the contribution of CIPRA International.