Aylsham (UK) - From Snails to Pizzas at Aylsham High School

The Nurture Group with Sue Lake, Giles Margarson and Mo Anderson Dungar

Aylsham High School s Nurture Group had a great time making pizza this week as part of a visit from representatives of Aylsham s Cittaslow Committee. Giles Margarson, chairman of the Committee, was accompanied by Mo Anderson-Dungar and Town Clerk Sue Lake, between them explaining what Cittaslow is all about and how it benefits the town.

Rather than just a talk, though, Giles, Mo and Sue used the pizzas as a metaphor for how the community comes together via Cittaslow: the pizza base represented Aylsham itself, the tomato paste the town s infrastructure while the toppings are the local people. Cittaslow s emblem of a snail was also discussed with the youngsters learning that Cittaslow translates as Slow Town so the use of the snail emblem is particularly appropriate.

The local community and its infrastructure was further highlighted by a discussion on how money spent with local businesses in the town often stays in the town to support the local economy.


Commenting on the event , the High School s Head of Nurture Danny Sweatman said, What a fabulous afternoon!

Thank you Giles, Mo and Sue for providing such an interesting talk pitched perfectly for our young people.

They thoroughly enjoyed it and I know they will now be very keen to do what they can to support our community even further.

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