All Hallows' Eve at Green String

Happy All Hallows' Eve! Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, originates from the Christian vigil the night before All Saint's Day and from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain which celebrated the end of summer harvest and the onset of winter. As our pumpkins decorate porches and fill bellies, we remember witches and ghosts, admire the trailings of our summer bounty, and pull out our scarves and mittens for the days ahead.
This week on the farm, customers were excited to see that our young flock of chickens have begun to lay! "Pullet" eggs are now full size and full price, $3.60 for a half dozen and, yes, we are still limiting to a half dozen per customer until further notice. Chickens will soon be transplanted to our "mobile" chicken coops; custom-made coops on wheels that provide compost wherever they roll and allow chickens to roam freely and scavenge for insects and other treats!

2015 Almonds are here! If you haven't tried our almonds, you're nuts.
We also welcomed a bountiful harvest of ornamental and Sugar Pie pumkins! Bring the kids to pick out a pumpkin or scoop up a Sugar Pie for your first pumpkin pie of the season. Also new in the store are winter fruit: persimmons, quince, and pomegranites.
A reminder to customers that the farm store will be switching to its winter hours next Sunday November 1st. Winter hours are 10am-5pm, seven days a week.
Other announcements: we are currently out of wheat berries and we may experience a gap in olive oil. Never fear! Berries are waiting sorting and this year's olive oil is being pressed. Expect both back in the store on a regular basis within the next two weeks.
Farm tours: Public tours are held the first Saturday of the month at NOON. Meet at the picnic benches behind the farm store. If you would like to book a private tour, please contact Green String Farm Store Manager, Lora Kincaid at lkincaid@greenstringfarm.com or call us at 707-778-7500
For inquiries about our internship program and for information about the upcoming Winter 2015/16 intern program, please visit the internship page of our website: http://greenstringfarm.com/green-string-institute
Photographs below: 2015 Almond crop; cacti abundant in cactus fruit or "prickly pears"; one of our mobile chicken coops