Akyaka to become Turkey’s second ‘Cittaslow’ after Seferihisar


The town of Akyaka, located in Ula in the southwestern province of Muğla is set to become a member of the International Cittaslow Association - an association that celebrates a slower pace of life among its member towns.

In April, a referendum was held in Akyaka to decide whether or not the town should join the slow cities association. Of the 911 people who participated in the referendum, 811 voted in favor of the proposal while 78 voted against it and 22 votes were declared invalid.

Following the referendum, a delegation of 12 people from Seferihisar Municipality Cittaslow Executive Committee, the only representative of International Cittaslow Association in Turkey, and Seferihisar Mayor Tunç Soyer visited Akyaka to hold talks with the Akyaka Municipal Council, the Akyaka City Council and members of the Gökova Culture and Arts Association convened for a meeting.

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