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Arapgir district, which is located within the provincial borders of Malatya, is an ancient district in the historical sense. It has provided an uninterrupted life from prehistoric times to the present day. It has a privileged place in Anatolia with its population, historical value and historical artifacts. It is noteworthy that the pasha from Arapgir and other palace officials, who held important positions in the palace and the Ottoman army, especially during the Ottoman period.

Arapgir continued its cultural data from the Paleolithic period to the Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze Ages. Used as a settlement area in different densities in different periods of uninterrupted history, Arapgir has been exposed to waves of Hurrian origin migration, and then the Hittites, Ichuvans, the Melidid Persia, the Assyrian State, the Urartians, the Medes, the Persians, the Pontus Kingdom, Roman Byzantium, Pavlikans, Armenians and finally the Turkish-Islamic conquests. Towards the end of the 18th century, it began to gain a Turkish identity.

However, most of the works belong to the Ottoman period. Especially in Eskişehir, which was the first place of establishment, architectural structures such as mosques, inns, Turkish baths, fountains and civil building groups have gained intensity. Since then, construction activities have gained intensity from its current location called Yeni Arapgir.

Onar Neighborhood, which is 15 km away from the district, missed the first inspection. The village, built on a solid and rocky ground, has a 780-year-old "Cem House". There are 18 rock tombs (caves) from the Roman period. In addition, visiting the Kaya Canyon in the Eskişehir Valley is one of the inspections. You can do it in the canyon, you can swim, you can fish.



In Arapgir, where there is no Organized Industrial Zone, due to the favorable climate, mint, parsley, basil, onion, tomato, cucumber, pepper, kidney bean, chickpea, barley, beaver wheat, net wheat, clover, vetch, summer and winter apples and pears are used. , peach, cherry, sour cherry, berry, almond, walnut, plum varieties, mushys, figs are produced. In addition, basil and kohnü grapes, which are our geographically indicated products, constitute the majority of agricultural areas. Due to the abundance of plateaus and pastures, livestock is one of the important livelihoods of the district. A weekly local products market is set up.


Arapgir Vintage Festivals, International Kayaarasi Canyon Photocamp, Şeyh Hasan Onar Commemoration Events, Sarıçiçek Plateau Festival

One of the most important values ​​of Arapgir, the Geographical Indication Meal Tandır Kebab starts in September and continues until the end of November. At the same time, the products made from the Geographically Indicated Arapgir Kohnü Grape and Arapgir Purple Reyhan are exhibited in the Women's Bazaar, and the regional product stores in the district center and the Regional Shops created within the scope of the Arapgir Liva Revive with Local Values ​​project, apart from the Millet Inn, are one of the areas where trade is carried out. You can taste and buy our local products in these areas. Wooden Studded Shoes, one of the important elements of local culture in Arapgir, can still operate as a craft branch of Arapgir. It stands out with its durability, produced using wooden nails during periods when strong adhesives and sewing machines were not available. Our guests who come to our district can have an interview with the master Erol Hakan, who is still in this business, and buy his products.


Among the leading local dishes of Arapgir: Akıtma bıciği , Ayranlı çorba , balıklı çöp kebabı , Balıklı pilav, batırma , Borani, çanak eti , Çelem dolması , Dolama, dut kavurması , ekşili yumurta , Gıldirikki köfte , Deli Kız Baklavası, Patik Peyvazı,tandır kebabı yağlı ballı yufka and gelin kız helvası  have many flavors that we cannot count in its cuisine.



  • Serge Inspiration Center Application Project
  • Serge Mansions Survey, Restoration and Restitution Works Construction Project
  • Kayaarasi Canyon Natural Park Campground Project
  • Çobanlı Mansion Çanakkale Museum Project
  • Kaşkaloğlu Mansion Gastronomy Museum Project
  • Seher Atmaca Mansion (Monk House) Museum of Life Project
  • Reyhan Drying System Project
  • Mor Reyhan Pesto Sauce Filling Plant Project
  • Eye Recreation Area Drawing Work Project
  • Forestry Neighborhood Rock Grave Chambers Landscaping Construction Work
  • Onar Quarter Rock Grave Chambers Landscaping Construction Work
  • Arapgir Sports Complex Project
  • Namık Gedik Street Urban Design and Street Arrangement Project
  • Arapgir Municipality New Life Center Binreis Residences
  • Mor Reyhan Valley Irrigation Project
  • Arapgir Liva Revive With Its Local Values ​​Project
  • Molla Eyüp Library Environmental Design and Literary Cradle Project
  • Arapgir Music House and Children's Municipality Project