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The product excellencies

Mordiba and homogeneous jam, of an intense ruby red color.
The flavor is round and enveloping with slightly sour notes and a slightly bitter aftertaste, typical of the fruit.

The sour cherry jam is one of the traditional and most sought after recipes of Umbria; sour cherries are the small cousins of sweet cherries. They belong to the sour cherry family together with morello cherries and black cherries. Of the three, they are the most balanced in taste.
Until the 1950s, hedgerows and windbreaks were common on country farms.

ingredients: sour cherries 65%, sugar, lemon

Monte Mascarano

The Monte Mascarano farm was born in 2008 as a redevelopment project for a small abandoned land.


We have been producing Saffron since 2008 when we reintroduced the first cultivation of the territory in Todi.

We cultivate and transform small autochthonous spontaneous fruits by harvesting them after ripening, in a scalar way. Our preserves are thus processed entirely by hand and in small batches in order to obtain high quality natural products without the addition of preservatives, thickeners or synthetic dyes.