€ 5,50
The product excellencies

Net weight: 290 g

INGREDIENTS: Tomato pulp, extra virgin olive oil, Thalli and Aglione flowers, chilli, salt

Ready-to-use condiment for pasta, to be heated and used as it is or concentrated as desired

STORAGE: Store at room temperature, away from sources of heat, light and humidity. After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 2 or 3 days.

100% NATURAL Without thickeners, preservatives or flavors. "HANDMADE"

PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS: Aglione has numerous beneficial effects on human health: it causes a lowering of blood pressure; decreases the risk of gastric cancer; stimulates digestion; reduces aerophagia; protects from intestinal parasites and worms. Free the airways of mucus, reduce colds. Skin antifungal, gingival pain reliever; mosquito repellent; counteracts acne and psoriasis; anti-dandruff; stimulates hair growth. It also has anti-tumor, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-anemic, defense against free radicals and slowing down the sudden contraction of involuntary muscles.

The seller in Gusto Umbria

Gusto Umbria Terre dell’Upupa is a consortium of small local producers. It was born in 2017 from the desire to enhance the products already present in the territory and favor the birth of new ones.

The Consortium is not for profit. It is proposed to promote the development and rationalization of the productive and commercial activities of the associated companies with particular reference to their vocation towards food products in general that characterize and enhance the territory of the Umbrian municipalities, with strict regard to those coming from direct cultivation, from traditional and local agricultural and / or craft production. The Consortium aims to achieve its object through the coordination and integration of the latter with each other and with the actors in any case interested or involved in their development.

Our added value is to systematize small local realities, trying to obtain greater visibility on the market through the creation of a wide range of products of the highest quality.

In fact, our territory is rich in raw materials of the highest level, this is due to the fact that rural agriculture has always been practiced in keeping with tradition.

Our mission is to select the best products by treasuring the peasant tradition without altering its nature and adapting them to current market rules.

To this end, we have activated a Processing Center for agricultural products in Parrano where we process these raw materials, producing products with suitable quality standards for safe and legally compliant marketing for the national and international market.

As part of the laboratory, we also provide assistance to anyone who wants to create new products or develop existing ones.

We hope that our business will be a stimulus for the creation of other farms, which in addition to developing a local economy, also take action to safeguard the territory.