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Orvieto Collections



Our aim is to generate emotion. Emotion occurs when the result resounds inside us in harmony.


Orogami and its founders’ path to creativity is reflected in their design philosophy.
Through each collection they seek to express and share ideas about life and its emotions.

A creative journey begins with an idea – a concept that wants to be expressed.
It’s this distinctive approach to contemporary design that allows Orogami to merge aesthetics, high-quality craftsmanship, versatility with primordial symbolic value into its collections.

The play of chiaroscuro, and the use of different tonalities of gold and life’s iconic motifs, makes Orogami’s jewelry recognizable and a perfect representation of the secrets of traditional Italian artisan energies and spirit.
Together these elements identify its unique and distinctive creative process that results is finely crafted jewellery
renowned among a distinguished and loyal international clientele.
Every Collection Tells A Story.


Massimo and Tiziana Aloisio established Orogami in 1990 after more then ten years of design experience working with well-known brands throughout Italy and France.

Their personal and professional life together began on a flight that he tried to avoid taking and on which she was not supposed to be.

They were seated next to each other and their first conversation was about gold and design.
The couple were both born and raised in Rome.

After completing their university studies, they worked in the fields of art and architecture.
During these years, they had enriching experiences, learned the secrets of the trade from some of the most renowned goldsmiths in Rome and traveled extensively – giving them a wider perspective of different cultures and artistic expressions that deepened their personal point of view about jewelry design and life.

Years later, they would apply this knowledge to their original style of jewelry making.
When it finally came time to choose a name for their company, they wanted it to be something that would evoke their blessed encounter.

“Orogami” may sound like the Japanese art of paper folding, but it’s actually a composition of “Oro”, the Italian word for gold and “gamos”, the ancient Greek word meaning wedding.
Orogami: Union in gold.

It was perfect. In 1994, the couple moved to nearby Orvieto, an ancient city with more than 3,000 years of history located in the green heart of Italy.

It was in Orvieto that they found renewed inspiration and a better quality of life.

Honors & Distinctions

In 2001, Orogami was invited to speak at the 15th Annual Santa Fe Symposium, the premiere conference for Jewellery manufacturing technology in the world.

They presented a paper entitled, “ Jewelry Design: A Meeting Point Between Creativity and Technology”.

In 2002, Orogami was honored with the “Industry Leader Award” given by the Santa Fe Symposium in recognition of their contribution to the jewellery industry.

In 2003, Orogami was selected by the Design Centre Selection Jury of the JCK Show in Las Vegas to exhibit their work in its special section, “Rising Star”.
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 they were invited to participate in the international gold promotion event, “Gold Expressions, the Language of Italian design” produced by the World Gold Council and the Vicenza Fair.