Gachun Held the 9th Cole Flowers Tourism Festival


Cole Flowers Tourism Festival is one of the four big events in Gaochun. On March 18, the opening ceremony of the 9th Cole Flowers Tourism Festival was held on Taohuashan Square. Yaxi Primary School students made a good start for the ceremony by performing balanced car. Some interesting programs were arranged, such as reading the poem I Decide to Slow Down, opera, dances and songs. The new program style was well received by the audience. What’s more wonderful is the professional motor show that displayed the performers’ proficiency.    

The festival lasts for 50 days from March 18 to May 6. A series of activities are organized during this period, namely photography competition, local food feast, kite festival including children making kites with parents, flying kites, kite culture show and so forth. The beautiful scenery and interesting activities will offer tourists different experience.