The 14th Lotus Festival


The 14th Gaochun Gusheng Lake Tourist Resort Lotus Festival opened


On the evening of 17th June , the 14th Gaochun Gucheng Lake Tourist Resort Lotus Festival officially opened. Gaochun has a vast water area, and rich in lotus. Gaochun Gusheng Lake Tourist Resort Lotus Festival is one of the four festival activities of Gaochun Cittaslow, and it is an important carrier to spread the concept of slow life and Gaochun "Lotus" culture.

At the opening ceremony, the VCR of "Lotus appreciation on Water" was played, showing the lotus pond, picking lotus banquet ingredients, tasting lotus food and other special lotus appreciation experience. Experts interpret the literature works related to lotus, presenting the "lotus" theme literature feast. Tent camping, music parties, trunk market, beer+lobster+barbecue and other activities will be held to bring visitors unforgettable summer night experience.

This year's lotus Festival, which will last until mid-August, has two main lines of play: "day+night". During the day, the experience of overlooking the lotus is added, and you can feel the infinite green lotus leaves in the sky by helicopter. At night, experience the dreamlike sea of flowers, colorful photoelectric technology lights the night, and lotus market,including toys, DIY handcraft, ornaments, lotus culture creation, food, Cittaslow ice cream......

Gaochun Cittaslow also takes advantage of the Lotus Festival to promote the concept of slow food, select local seasonal ingredients, research and upgrade the Lotus banquet, featuring lotus pomegranate buns, lotus root baked cockerel, Lotus jade guayin, lotus rice cake, water chestnut cake, secret shrimp paste mixed lotus leaf handmade noodles and other special dishes. All the dishes have been innovated and developed with an innovative spirit and are unique in colour, shape, aroma and taste.