Initiatives in favor of bees


The Municipality of Turbigo has postponed the pruning of the city hedges until after flowering, which is late this year;

Involvement of primary school pupils, each of whom will be given a package, in the shape of a bee cell, containing soil and seeds of Officinal Calendula, whose flower is very appreciated by bees, who will be able to plant in pots or in the garden by contributing to create an ideal habitat for this hard-working insect. The Councilor with responsibility for Youth Policies and Technological Innovation Angelica Motta, as an expert in bee breeding, will hold a specific interactive lesson to the pupils of the second grades of the Primary School located in via Giulio Cesare n. 2, in the afternoon of 20 May 2021. The Councilor for the Environment and Ecology Fabrizio Allevi will also be present at the event.