Our Farm


We welcome you to the farm this upcoming Saturday, August 20th from 2-6 pm for "Our Farm" - an event that will bring together the community to talk about where the local food movement is heading. This year we want to bring our farm to your garden through an educational event that aims to empower the local community with knowledge about how to natural-process garden.
We will have booths on soil health, compost tea, and seasonal eating, among other things like tours of the farm! Bob Cannard will be speaking on the benefits of full-spectrum mineral supplement for the garden and the farm, and Janet Fletcher will be speaking about the benefits of eating seasonally and locally. All ages welcome. We hope to see you there! 

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Summer squash is in abundance at the farm! Ronde de Nice is a delightful and flavorful heirloom squash that originates from the south of France - and just the perfect shape for stuffing with your favorite filling. Our zucchinis are fantastic for baking, or just making a simple sauté. Try them both! 

Tomato season has begun! Heirloom tomatoes are on sale in the farm store - both yellow and red delicious, sweet cherry tomatoes are in abundance! They are perfect sliced in half for salads, cooked down in a pasta sauce, or just as a snack! All your favorite canning tomatoes and larger fruit are on their way this month and next - be on the look out for those soon. 

Fresh herbs are plentiful at the store - basil, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint, and more! We also have flowers blooming all over the farm -sunflowers are now for sale for $1 per stem! They are beautiful flowers, and have been growing between rows of tomatoes all over the property. Come to the farm and see them in all their glory, and give one to someone you love. We have many varieties of wild flowers for sale as well - like cardoon blossoms and flowering yellow fennel!