Give yourself Christmas at Orvieto: from 29 November 2019 to 6 January 2020, eight different ways to live an original Christmas.

Eight different ways to experience the Christmas atmosphere. This is the formula of the 3rd edition of A NATALE REGALATI ORVIETO promoted by the Municipality with the collaboration of associations, economic operators and companies.

Also this year, A NATALE REGALATI ORVIETO 2019 is declined in different ways aimed at everyone, adults and children, between tradition and innovation, to give suggestions, emotions and amazement, offering a different view of art (of which Orvieto is an ancient guardian ), artistic languages ​​(music, reading, theater, dance, entertainment), nativity scenes and the taste of good living and the local food and wine tradition.

Here then are the anticipations of the proposals of A NATALE REGALATI ORVIETO:

• Give yourself ... the art

The Cathedral of Orvieto as never seen before. After 122 years, the Annunciation by Francesco Mochi, the first masterpiece of the history of Baroque sculpture, and the imposing statues of the 12 Apostles and Protecting Saints of the city realized between the '500 and the' 700 have returned to the Duomo. A historic event not to be missed.

• Give yourself ... the wonder

This year Christmas descends the 248 steps of the well of San Patrizio, the exceptional engineering work excavated in the tuff. An exciting tree of light will be lit on December 7th illuminating the heart of the Rupe.

• Give yourself ... tradition

From 23 December 2019 to 12 January 2020 the incredible Crib in the Well of the Quarry. This year the exceptional narrator will be Judas Iscariot. An exhibition on the coins of the time of Christ will also be open for the duration of the event.

On December 26th and January 6th, the evocative living nativity scene in the wonderful Medieval Garden of San Giovenale. A realistic reconstruction of the Nativity that will immerse visitors in the magical night of Bethlehem.

From December 8th to January 6th, the circuit of the District Committee of the Nativity: over 30 nativity scenes in churches, palaces and caves in the historic center of Orvieto and its hamlets.

• Give yourself ... shopping

From November 29 to January 6 the squares of the historic center come alive with a characteristic Christmas village and its traditional markets.

And every day over 200 businesses invite you to Christmas purchases.

• Give yourself ... the joy of children

On December 22, Santa Claus will bring his gifts down in a spectacular way in Piazza della Repubblica and tell fairy tales to Ciconia, while on January 6th, all with their noses up in Piazza del Popolo to watch the Befana flight.

And on December 28th, 29th and 30th with "Umbria Jazz for kids" the little ones will tell their city to the rhythm of sax.

• Give yourself ... the show

The concerts of the “A. Casasole ", the conferences of the Unitre, the voice of the Cherries on a Swing Set, the theater of Portable Readers, the dance at the Sala del Carmine, the passion of the Orvieto Tango Festival.

And then the great guests of the "Speaking Book" at the Palazzo dei Sette: Corrado Augias, Daniele Batella, Melania Mazzucco, Maurizio De Giovanni.

On 12 December Susanna Tamaro will be a guest of the Vetrya Corporate Campus.

• Give yourself ... taste

Wine, oil, cheese and typical products tastings with the Terre d’Orvieto partnership, the producers of the Oil Marathon and the Orvieto Doc Consortium.

• Give yourself ... Umbria Jazz Winter

From 28 December to 1 January Orvieto becomes the home of jazz: five days of music from noon to the small hours, ninety events, seven locations in the historic center, thirty bands, more than one hundred and fifty musicians. And the First of January Mass of Peace in the Duomo with the magic of gospel.

Updates and complete program on the website of the Municipality of Orvieto and LiveOrvieto