Novellara Balsamica 2019


Sunday October 6 in Novellara celebrates the birthday of the municipal Acetaia, located in the roof of the Rocca dei Gonzaga, with a large party dedicated to the traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia. "Novellara Balsamica" by the municipal and Pro Loco Acetaia volunteers will discover the local traditions and the unmistakable flavor of the precious condiment. From the morning pressing and wood-firing of the grape must for the production of balsamic vinegar and technical lesson on cooking and fermentation by the Brotherhood of traditional balsamic vinegar APS. The Rocca courtyard from the morning will host the market of local producers and good food to offer their typical and quality food and wine products. In addition, show cooking, creative workshops for children, lunch based on balsamic vinegar and awarding of the Gonzaga and Novellara vinegar prize.

Animations for all ages and preview of the inaugural show of the Hollywood theater season curated by Daniele Franci. At 17:00 cake offered to celebrate the municipal vinegar birthday.

For information: Pro Loco Novellara: 0522-651378 - proloco.novellara@gmail.com