Workshops for cities wishing to join the Cittaslow network


There are going to be held workshops for new prospecties Cittaslow cities. Participants will be cities which have already decided that they want to develop further as Cittaslow – calm towns with high quality life. They are Pasym, Górowo Iławeckie and Nidzica from Warmia and Mazury, Kalety (Silesia Region) and Rejowiec Fabryczny (Lubelskie Region), as well as those, who are considering such a decision.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to obtain detailed information on the procedure of accession to the network, exchange of experiences with member cities during the presentations and direct talks. Mayors and their Cittaslow plenipotentiary from member cities will present how the fact of joining the Cittaslow network has contributed to the development of their city, its promotion, expanded awareness and development of a dialogue with the residents. 

The workshop is organized within the project ‘Promoting the Idea of ​​Cittaslow in Warmia Mazury and Powiśle’ from the Regional Operational Programme Warmia and Masuria 2007-2013.