Activ Cittaslow Saturday

Lidzbark Warminski

Date: 23.09.2023r.

Venue: Stadion Miejski, ul. Lipowa 

Hours: 9:00 – 20:00

Main theme: Football Saturday in the spirit of the Cittaslow idea

Cittaslow Saturday in Lidzbark will pass in a truly athletic style. The tournament of villages, right after this event full of sports emotions, the jubilee of our team – LKS WEL Lidzbark. Concerts that will guarantee the power of musical sensations. The audience having fun in their own local group, all in the spirit of the Cittaslow idea. A network knowledge quiz, games for children, sports competitions, and all these attractions will be accompanied by delicious local food prepared by the KGW from the Lidzbark Commune. Aromatic bigos (stewed dish made of sauerkraut and/or fresh cabbage, meat and mushrooms), spicy goulash soup, home-made breads, homemade lard and pickled cucumbers - all this and more will be waiting for guests in Lidzbark during Citaslow Saturday.

UMiG Lidzbark, ul. Sądowa 21, 13-230 Lidzbark, e-mail: promocja@lidzbark.pl