Hwapo Wetland Little Firefly Eco Fetival 2023

Gimhae (Bongha Village & Hwapocheon Wetland Eco Park)

Data/Date: Friday-Saturday, September 22- 23, 2023

Luogo/Venue: Hwapo Wetland Eco Park

Orario/Hours: 16:00 on  – 21:00 pm

Tematica principale/Main theme: A fireflies, a little star of the wetlands lighting up the Cittaslow

Breve descrizione attività/Brief description of activities (massimo 1000 battute/max. 1000 characters):

The purpose of holding this festival is to promote the excellence the eology of Hawpocheon (Hwapo Stream) in Cittaslow Gimhae through connection between cittaslow Sunday and ecological festival in Hawpo wetland. 

Since 2019 Cittaslow Gimhae has hold Hwapo Wetland Little Firefly Eco Fetival. When Cittaslow Gimhae joined a Cittaslow member in 2018, the Hwapo Wetland Eco Park was recognized as a great ecological resource in Gimhae. Durring the period of Cittaslow Sunday, this festival will be held to promote Cittaslow Gimhae as well as the excellance of Hwapo Wetland with local residents together. The festival features the experience of waking along the stream and watching fireflies that light up Hwapo Stream at night. The festival will provide people with ecological experience and raise the impression as the evironment-friendly city.  

Major Programes

Operating Experience Center for making cittaslow snail, and various specieis in Wetland

Outsite programe :Watching fireflies while walking along Hwapo Stream, Making environmental lamp 

Local residents operates eco-friendly food court and selling Cittaslow specialities