Djúpivogur International Food Festival


September 30th - Langabúð - 13:00 – 16:00.

This year´s theme is to celebrate the diversity of locals and cherish the food culture they bring with them to the town from all over the world. 

This year Djupivogur municipality will celebrate Cittaslow Sunday with an international food festival called “From all directions“. The festival will be held in Djúpivogur´s most historic building dating back to 1790. Langabúð serves as a cultural centre for the municipality and is a perfect location to gather habitants and celebrate the diversity of the town. With 461 habitants Djúpivogur currently has residents from 17 countries besides Iceland. 16 people plan to prepare a dish from their home country and serve to locals and by that introduce a part of themselves to all the other habitants of Djupavogshreppur. There is so much culture that lies in cooking and food traditions. This will be a way to bring everyone together and celebrate their uniqueness. Much will be slow cooked and a lot will be from local material. Taking something local from our town´s agriculture and making a traditional Pilipino dish from it is as Cittaslow as it gets.