Local Chef Demos, Cookoffs, Prawn Boil and more!

Cowichan Bay

On May 24 and 25, the Spot Prawn Festival in Cowichan Bay showcases all that Cittaslow represents.

Cittaslow Cowichan is a celebration of the best in our village—whether its checking out the local bakery, exploring local waters by kayak, watching the whales, fishing out on the water, or tasting cheeses and the wines—it's all here.


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Parking, Vendors, Children's Play Area and More
This year's Spot Prawn Festival is being organized by Cittaslow, which means Slow City. Or in our case, Slow Village. We were the first Cittaslow designation in North America!

2014 Prawn Festival Prawn Sales All prawn sales will be by ticket only. No cash sales A limited # of tickets can be purchased in [...]

INFO: http://prawnfest.ca/category/cittaslow/