Cittaslow International Coordinating Committee Fall 2021


Dear Mayors and Cittaslow Responsibles,
in the name of our President, President Mauro Migliorini and in accord with  Jacopo Massaro, the Mayor of Belluno Cittaslow(Italy), 

please take note that you are CONVOKED

to the MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL COORDINATING COMMITTEE for Saturday 27 November 2021 at 9.30 in Belluno town, Italy.

The agenda will be drawn up in the following few days: in this regard, please submit items to be included in the agenda and/or contributions by October 30, 2021.
A special online folder will be available to share documents,ppt,etc.

We decide to try to organize in presence the Committee, the first one after 2019; if pandemic situation would change to worse, we will adopt a hybrid meeting, in presence and online.

But I remark to all that it will be very important the presence of each of us at the meeting where we will talk about very important issues.