Supporters of Cittaslow

Supporters of Cittaslow” are public institutions (Regions, Provinces, Towns, Cantons, Metropolises, unions of Municipalities, etc. .... ...) which intend to support the activities and life of the Association and promote Cittaslow projects in their area.

The Supporters of Cittaslow will notify the Coordinating Committee:

  • the amount of the contribution;
  • reasons and interests for supporting the Cittaslow activities.
  • supply of services gratuitously or on exceptional terms;
  • financial support for the specific projects;
  • technical and scientific cooperation;
  • patronage (in case of institutions).

To acquire the status of Supporter of Cittaslow is necessary to notify the intentions through the national coordinator or the mayor of a member city which will provide to submit the request to Cittaslow International offices. If there is a National Coordination, 80% of the membership fees of Supporters of Cittaslow will be attributable to the National Coordination.

The remaining 20% of the membership fees will be passed to the International Coordination. The membership fee for Supporters of Cittaslow will be equivalent to the maximum fee payable by ordinary members as stipulated in Art. 11 of the Regulations. If there is no National Coordination, the fees will be passed to the International Coordination.
(Art. 10 of the Cittaslow Chapter)


Cittaslow Supporter List:


  • Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia



  • Samorząd Województwa Warmińsko-Mazurskiego (Warmia Masuria Region)
  • County of Olsztyn


South Korea