Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up of experts and scholars from various disciplines, with the role of supplying to the Association organs, broad and updated scientific and cultural information for the improvement of the activities fulfilled and cooperates for the organisational activity of the Cittaslow award.

Scientific Committee:

Giuseppe Roma 
President RUR (Urban Research Istitute) / Vice President Touring Club Italiano / Prof. a.c. Università Roma 3 (Social studies and research institute - Italy) and Coordinator of Cittaslow Scientific Committee

Ariane Sept
Engineer of Urban Planning , Fredersdorf - Germany

Carlotta Fioretti
Architect of Urban Regeneration Projects, ETICity Association of Rome - Italy 

Ezio Manzini
Professor of Industrial Design at the Politecnico University of Milan - Italy 

Fabio Parasecoli
Professor of Food Culture at the New York University - USA 

Giovanna Melandri
President of the Maxxi Foundation, Rome - Italy 

Giovanni Capelli
Professor in the Scientific Sector at the Cassino University - Italy

Gert Jan Hospers
Professor of Human Geography, Planning and Environment of Radboud University - Netherlands 

Hee Jung Jang
Professor in the Division of International Tourism Management and Dean of Human Resouces Development Division, Silla University of Busan - South Korea

Helmut Bott
Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Stuttgart University - Germany

Herbert Pfeiffer
Architect of Lüdinghausen- Germany

Huseyin Ridvan Yurtseven   
Professor of Sustainable Gastronomy at the Atasehir Adiguzel University of Istanbul -Turkey

Nan Ellin
Professor and Chair at the College of Architecture and Planning, University of Utah - USA 

Krzysztof Skalski
Architect, Professor and Urban Planner at the Jagiellonian University of Krakow- Poland 

Paul Knox
Professor of Urban Plans at the Virginia Tech Institute College - USA 

Resmiye Alpar Atun
Professor and Vice-Chair of  Architecture Faculty at the Eastern Mediterranean University of Famagusta, North Cyprus - Turkey 

Stefano Sampaolo
Architect of Urban Planning and Researcher at CENSIS Institute of Rome - Italy 

Ursula Von Petz
Architect of Schwerte - Germany

Vicente Guallart
Chief Architect of the city of Barcelona - Spain