Our principles

The recurrent theme of Cittaslow is identity: the soul of the local communities engages with modernity without being unduly influenced by globalisation.

Our responsibility towards the natural world and the coming generations requires us to be frugal and concerned for Mother Earth. Rediscovering Slowness means choosing a future of quality, for ourselves and, in the spirit of solidarity, for others.

Working towards sustainability, defending the environment and reducing our excessive ecological footprint mean committing ourselves to rediscover traditional know-how and to make the most of our resources through recycling and reuse, applying the new technologies. The final objective is lasting development (not synonymous with growth) and peace between peoples. This is what the Slow mayors do every day through hundreds of projects throughout the world.

“Let’s live Terra Madre every day in our own homes”: let us support the local Food and Crafts Communities as well as the Granaries of Memory. Biodiversity is not confined to nature and seeds, it belongs to languages, cultures and histories too. Slow Food and Cittaslow are working to give back a voice to those who have been voiceless – the indigenous peoples that have lost their cultivation techniques and their seeds and the small farmers who are the real scientists in the field and are not listened to. The women whose activities are closely connected to life, the old people who are guardians of our experiences, young people, who represents a real commitment to improving the planet.

Carlo Petrini teaches us “The small farmers will save the world”. At the heart of the Cittaslow towns are food, the town square and the local market with all its environmental, cultural, economic and social value.• Voluntary work is the basis of the Cittaslow project. Only anaware and educating community can choose the Slow higher quality path – to give back hope to the entire planet.

It opens a new way to produce, to trade, to consume. The Cittaslow educating the community on shared social responsibility are key players measurable projects to improve the quality of life without never give up social justice and solidarity among people.