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Pier Giorgio Oliveti and Barbara Paron arrived in Gaochun on June 29. 

Yaxi (CHI) - Pier Giorgio Oliveti and Barbara Paron Visit Yaxi


[VIDEO] Cittaslow competition in Hodmezovasarhely

In the spring of 2015 the Municipality of Hódmezővásárhely announced a competition to local high school students. 

Cittaslow Awards 2015

The best projects of Cittaslow, the award during Expo 2015

EXPO 2015 Milan - Italy is exporting the Cittaslow idea all over the world

Small, a setting in the hills and with a vibrant cultural life, life is good at Abbiategrasso and it is the ideal town to experience Expo. The results of research carried out in the Cittaslow towns on five continents.

 Round table conference "Cittaslow, energy for all!"

19.06.2015 ore 18,00 / time 6.00 pm - EXPO MILAN - KIP SCHOOL PAVILION S01 – UN- FAO Theatre Hall

EXPO 2015 Milan - Cittaslow Silly


[VIDEO] Cittaslow Nidzica - Poland

Great video from Poland

Cowichan Bay (CDN) - British Columbia's 10 Most Beautiful Towns

Each of its towns exudes a unique character, and the natural scenery for which the province is famous is almost never far away. 

Fonglin (RC) - Fonglin Watermelon Festival

This festival was held in 31st of May to promote local watermelon.


Posterior cena en restaurante K'anròs

Lundi 30 mars de 19 h à 20 h 30

C'est à l'occasion du 42e salon international de la BD d'Angoulême que Jérémy Barrault a reçu le prix de la Bourse Jeunes Talents dans la catégorie bande dessinée.

"Biodynamic, Organic and Natural Winemaking; Sustainable Viticulture and Viniculture" by Britt Karlsson (text) and Per Karlsson (photography), of BKWine, has recently been published by Floris Publishing.

Inauguration jeudi 22 janvier 2015 à 18 h au couvent Sainte-Cécile à Grenoble



Mit dem Hartberger Ostermarkt von Freitag, 27. bis Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Der März bringt den Frühlingsgenuss

Nell'ambito del progetto Anarchia Crocevia Ticino, legato all'iniziativa «Viavai.

Dans le cadre de Jardin Noble Val, nous vous proposons un atelier cuisine.

Le 10 janvier 2015 à Valmondois, vous pouvez prolonger la journée au delà de la cérémonie des voeux du maire: 

We're rockin' this weekend at 19 Broadway, see you on the dance floor!

From Friday 1 to Sunday 3 August

August 24, 2014 - Time: From 4 to 8 pm in the Vineyard