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For me, it's all about the bananas. Ours are the most delicious kind of sweet bananas. We call them Bogoya

The most delicious kind of sweet bananas


Poland - 5th International Day of Good Living

Programmme of the 'Cittaslow Sunday 2014' in the cities of Polish National Cittaslow Network

Le Festival Nature de Blanquefort (F)

Le tout dans l'esprit de Cittaslow, en compagnie de nos amis de Créon et Labastide ! Vrai moment de convivialité ! »

Slow Food: Good, Clean and Fair Food for Everyone

Letter from Carlo Petrini Founder Slow Food International

Silly (B) - Silly Food Valley 2014

Silly Food Valley et Rencontres des communes internationales SLOW

Créon (F) - La Rosière, encore et toujours

Manon Bruneau a été couronnée 108e Rosière de Créon. Et à ses côtés, Tom Renaud a reçu le prix du rosier.

 Lexicon of Sustainability at Fairfax (USA) Streets for People event yesterday

A relaxing day on the street with lots of community participation...

Nordic Cittaslow Network - The Good Life

Quality of life, identity and hospitality

Jecheon (COREA): Preserving and making Cittaslow Local Traditional Liquors

9-week program to educate residents how to make local traditional liquors


EIF 2014 Uluslararası Enerji Kongresi ve Fuarını geniş kitlelere duyurup katılımcılarımıza maksimum fayda sağlayabilmek için yaptığımız işbirliği çerçevesinde Hürriyet gazetesi ile birlikte Türkiye geneli dağıtımı yapılan "ENERJİ" eki EIF 2014 özel sayısı olarak hazırlanacaktır.

Groasis Academy: 25 t/ 27 November 2014

Del 25 al 27 de julio de 2014 se celebrará la Feria Gastronómica y Cultural La Tomatina Gastronómica

- Release of the new Monitoring Template -

June 20-22 - Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver CO

Yes they can! In fact, trees are surviving and thriving in the southern part of the Kuwait desert right now. Ghaf trees were planted with the Groasis Waterboxx, in the extreme summer of May 2012.The trail was very successful with a 100% survival rate!

Perhaps one of the most important messages Slow Food can herald is that we must celebrate diversity if we are to ensure a resilient and abundant food supply.

The Charles Darwin Foundation exists 50 years. They want to restore the Galapagos Island.



From Friday 1 to Sunday 3 August

August 24, 2014 - Time: From 4 to 8 pm in the Vineyard

The 37th Annual Fairfax Festival - June 14th & 15th, 2014

15 mai inauguration à partir de 19h30

04/12/2014 - Come along to discover the equestrial ramble trails of the Landes.

Le nouveau rapport de la Province de Trente sur l'ours vient de paraître. Il permet pour la première fois de mieux comprendre la vie amoureuse du plantigrade.