Cittaslow General Assembly 2020 - Orvieto

Cittaslow General Secretary Pier Giorgio Oliveti:

This year the International Assembly

here in Orvieto it takes place in one way

particular will be 40 45 delegates

from Italy and France in attendance but

instead most of the delegates between

caused by we know due to Covid-19

will be connected online and the device

technical equipement allows us not only to have the

connection but also to do the

translations and therefore to be able to talk to

each other in different languages


We opened the Assembly with a

scientific conference on the topic

of the afforestation of the relationship between

city and forest and tree

public green but also concerning naturalistic green

is increasingly important

for our quality of life


Later and we are having the possibility

of visiting the cathedral to take a tour with

the bikes around the site signs in of Orvieto

and a concert offered by

Orvieto Municipality in collaboration with the Opera del Duomo


In the evening we are moving

in the nearby Cittaslow of Parrano where

the Mayor awaits delegates for one

guided through Parrano slow community


The Assembly proper is an elective one

where we are going to elect the members

and the International President Cittaslow


Past Presidente Cittaslow International, Stefano Pisani, Mayor of Pollica:

Cittaslow starts again after six years of my

presidency whose I'm very proud

of the work done for every

of all Cittaslow contributions


Cittaslow General Secretary Pier Giorgio Oliveti:

I have to say like ever in this moment

Cittaslow is the focus of attention


Past Presidente Cittaslow International, Stefano Pisani, Mayor of Pollica:

We must be able to tell the world

how important it is to incorporate the Cittaslow principles

to leave again later to restart after the pandemic


Cittaslow International President, Mauro Migliorini, Mayor of Asolo:

Only in this way can we give a beautiful future


and full of enthusiasm

will come after upstream to our children

children of our children

let's believe and work together

Hurray! the Cittaslow are the key pivot

at this difficult moment for everyone