Cittaslow General Assembly 2019 - Orvieto

This year, the Cittaslow International Assembly takes place in Orvieto, the town where twenty years ago, in 1999, at the Teatro Mancinelli the Association was founded by four Italian Mayors.

Since then, many steps forward have been taken and above all we have grown from a small micro system to a very important network, that today has members in about 280 towns around the world.

So a great Cittaslow International event, not only to celebrate the anniversary but also to talk about content, above all Cittaslow Education, a thematic workshop about the world of schools and Cittaslow towns.

Which wants to pass on to the younger generations what are the principles of the Cittaslow towns.

Engaging schools in this new project of making children understand what it means to be citizens of a Cittaslow town.

The network has reached adulthood, the towns have grown, the actions undertaken worldwide by more than 250 towns are manifold but today we need a step forward, we need the ability to make the system speak with one voice and proclaim the philosophies behind these actions, in a unique and systemic project that mobilises us to combat climate change.

And following the workshop with the best practices already applied by the Cittaslow towns, and above all transferable from one town to another in the fields of sustainability, agriculture, social relations, personal services, energy and transport. For the first time, we have had the support of Italian and foreign companies which have implemented pilot projects in these sectors.

A really fantastic event, full of discussions and arguments, of content and good ideas that can be replicated in all our towns.

Finally, the great Assembly has seen the participation of so many Mayors with proposals not only on sustainability, but also on the future prospects of Cittaslow International. Important too was the participation of artisan producers from our territories, as seen in the Cittaslow market, where for the first time a large delegation from Poland took part. All the local artisans with their local agri-food and crafts products joined in.

Orvieto has welcomed us with open arms, my thanks to all the organisers, especially Cittaslow International.

We really must thank everyone, from traders to students, who created a warm welcome for all the delegates.

The 17 sustainability objectives that the UN is proposing to us are benchmarks, but we must be able to achieve those objectives as quickly as possible. Slowly but quickly too!

Video credits: BrainFrame