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1. The Genesis of the Town Name

A few ages ago in some afternoon on the Wel river, where wood to the Drwęca river was floated, a good deal of barges has been there gathered. To float away the barges had to be loaded with wood, counted and registered in the boatbuilding office. Raftsmen and clerks didn`t crave for work too much on that day. At last at the sight of the river inspector they jumped to their feet and got down to work. Irritated he ran up to the nearest worker shouting out: „Count the barges, you idler! If you work like that, we will starve”. The town name „Lidzbark” is most probably derived from that shout: „licz-count  barki-barges”.


2.On the Wla River

From the Lidzbark Lake flows out a river which is the left bank tributary of Drwęca river. According to some old folk legends the river often overflowed its banks damaging arable fields and causing starvation and want of population. Once after occuring of torrential rain the river bed rose considerably flooding not only the arable fields but also all the belongings of the population. After that natural disaster, when the rain wore off, it was decided to remove water from the fields and to reinforce the river banks with embankment. Asking for intercession of Saint John Nepomucen to prevent the river from doing further harm his statue has been put up near the river. The river has been given a name „Wla” to commemorate that tragic occurrence. If acknowledged the folk legends from that time on the river has nevermore threatened the inhabitants.