Ecology in Hartberg for the project Cittaslow

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Energy and environmental policies

Summary project​
A self-sufficient energy system

Goal project
Smart city Hartberg

Result project
A high standard of living in accordance with the environment

Motivation for the awards
Ecology is important to us! Together with the municipalities of St. Johann, Hartberg Umgebung and Greinbach, the municipality of Hartberg prepares for future climate and energy challenges with the goal of being a model region in the field of climate protection and renewable energy for the whole of Austria. The town regularly takes part in climate protection activities like a car free day, transfers information, joins activities for CO2 neutrality and eco-relays. 

  • CO2 neutral Hartberg 

The goal of this project is to establish a scientifically exact database. This should enable the municipality of Hartberg to periodically test set measures for their effectiveness. This helpfs to monitor the changes in private households, industry and trade, farming and public buildings over a periode of time. Therefore the current trends of CO2 emissions can be charted and measures for saving energy plus the change to renewable energy forms can be pictured. 

  • Eco Electricity 

The municipal utility of Hartberg offers CO2 neutral electricity for the same rate to all customers. 

  • Citybus 

To minimize the trafic in town the municipality of Hartberg provides an affordable way of traveling for everyone in the form of the „Citybus“. 

  • Insect friendly ligting 

A large part of the city lighting in Hartberg is run with low energy lamps. Additionally, special care was taken to use insect friendly lighting systems. 

  • Ecopark

It  is a symbiosis of work, research and educaton. It is based on an innovative three-column-concept, enclosing a network of independent commercial enterprises dealing with environmental concerns and an Applied Research Centre as well as leisure and exhibition facilities.