Gaochun adds a new popular places: China's first Cittaslow hall showroom unveiled


In October 2021, China's first Cittaslow Exhibition Hall - “Cittaslow Story”, officially opened to the public. Cittaslow Story Exhibition Hall is located in Gaochun, where China Cittaslow Coordinating Committee is located, covering an area of 293 square meters and divided into two floors.

The first floor is divided into popular science area, exhibition area, experience area and water bar. The popular science area introduces the development process and connotation of Cittaslow in the form of pictures and videos, overview and achievements of China Cittaslow and important exchange records of Both Chinese and foreign Cittaslow cities, providing visitors with a comprehensive and intuitive opportunity to understand Cittaslow. At the exhibition and sales area, visitors can enjoy local and international Cittaslow products, such as Italian red wine and olive oil, Gaochun rice and rapeseed oil, Zhashui fungus and mushrooms, Luzhi pickles and soy sauce, and other popular cultural and creative products from Gaochun Cittaslow, such as blind boxes, pillows, postcards and ceramic cups. The experience area realizes immersive experience with VR technology, enabling visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery of China Cittaslow and enjoy the rich tourism resources of China Cittaslow. Water bar produces and sells high-end coffee, tea, juice and other special drinks.

The second floor is the reception rest area, with spacious seats, wooden tables and bookshelves, which can accommodate more than 40 people. Equipped with electronic screens, projectors and other multimedia equipment, it provides small meetings, business negotiations, film watching, reading and leisure services.

In order to better display and publicize Cittaslow, there are snails and other Cittaslow elements everywhere in the exhibition hall. The snail sculpture placed outside the door is the obligatory punching point for visitors to take photos.

China Cittaslow actively responds to the initiative of Cittaslow Headquarters and continues to promote the Cittaslow Market project. Since launched in March this year in the process of the exhibition hall, China Coordinating Committee from the functional structure, content, exhibition display equipment for optimization design. We take the initiative to send cooperation invitations to Cittaslow cities at home and abroad, such as CI HQ, South Korea Cittaslow Network, and friendly cooperative cities. We have also obtained their support and cooperation, and received information on high-quality agricultural products and cultural and creative products, as well as promotional videos and profiles of Cittaslow.

The Cittaslow Story Exhibition Hall displays the featured products and cultural tourism advantages of World Cittaslow, China Cittaslow and Gaochun Cittaslow, which promotes slow food exchange and cultural exchange in various Cittaslow cities. Chinese and foreign cultures blend together here and build a bridge of cultural communication. It also shows the model of China Cittaslow cities for exploring urban development, and becomes an important platform for improving the popularity of Cittaslow and telling the story of China Cittaslow.